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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 2, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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game on. the republican field for 2012. who is in? who is out? is president obama making his own moves? we'll talk to insiders. help not wanted. some companies may be crossing the line of what they ask before they hire. opting out, why one mom decided to give her kids to her husband to raise them himself. good afternoon to you. i'm peter alexander. those stories are all coming up ahead. now, we are looking live at the u.s. senate where they are taking up the continuing resolution for the budget. this would give congress and the white house this two-week reprieve to come to an agreement on a budget going forward. we are going to keep an eye own this in anticipation of a vote.
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mike viqueira is there with the latest on the battle. doesn't this kick the can down the road? i mean circle march 18 and do it all again then. >> reporter: the president is due for an overseas trip on that day. a lot of things are coming to a head. interesting aspects about the debate. this is going to be the shutdown on march 4th to fund the government. they agreed on a two-week measure. there are a significant number of cuts. not as controversial as the cuts passed earlier. they are going to kick the can down the road. what's interesting is first of all, the premise for this debate, this conversation is there are going to be cuts in government spending. democrats and republicans getting the message loud and clear from the voters in november. the question is where to cut and how much to cut. republicans in the house, the newly empowered tea party
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conservatives who a lot of people think they are running the show. they insisted john boehner come back and cut deeper than they originally wanted to do. it's apparent that nobody, none of the parties involved here want to see a government shutdown. not the white house, not republicans, not senate democrats. democrats still running that chamber. there have been a lot of comparisons to 1995. the bottom line here is there are too many political variables. there are polls out today that say a significant number of americans, half of americans wouldn't mind seeing the government shut down if that's what it takes to shrink the size of government. republicans favor that more than others. a lot of differences here with 1995. republicans have been cognizant of that. across the board, people are saying that is a distinct
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possibility for the government to shut down. >> we talk about this as kicking the can down the road, it's a big can. republicans are asking for $60 billion in cuts. the short-term agreement cuts 4 billion. what does the white house expect to happen as this moves forward? >> reporter: you bring up an interesting point. there have been a lot of rumblings that the white house has not been front and center in leading the negotiations and fighting back against republicans. there's been an exchange of sharp words between speaker boehner, the speaker of the house and harry reid and how fast it should be done. we are talking fights that are going to be monumental over the next several months and weeks. we have the short-term issue of how to fund the government. then there's the big debate of raising the statutory, the debt
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ceiling is $14.3 billion. we'll exceed that late april, early may. that, people are talking is fiscal armageddon in washington. >> never quiet on the capital. mike, thank you. >> reporter: okay. the supreme court ruled the first amendment protected the right for church members to protest at military funerals with signs that say thank god for dead soldiers. you may have seen this. they have god hates you. this is breaking news within the last hour or so. chief justice roberts says speech is powerful, it can move you to joy and sorrow and inflict great pain. that decision is made by the supreme court. when it comes to health care in the country, do you have a better idea? president obama is hopeful. he's challenges those who disagree with the health care
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reform. instead of waiting until 2017 to propose strategies of reform, states can offer all terntives when the full scale reform takes affect. as long as the states plan is covering without raising the deficit, all americans get health insurance. does this show of flexibility threaten to derail reform as promised? we are joined by ezra klein. ezra, nice to visit with you. >> how are you? >> give us a sense. what does this mean in terms of reform as we go forward here? how does it play out if the president makes the change? >> it's a challenge. it's not that big of a change. it's already in the bill. the difference is instead of being able to get the waiver in 2017, it would be 2014. this is an excel ration.
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it speaks to a fundmental difference between him and the republicans. are you interested in health care reform or interested in fighting the affordable care act? republicans made an effort in saying repeal and replace, not just repeal. he's saying if you can do it and get to all the priorities where most americans agree, then go our own way. that's fine. it's a put up or shut up. this bill could easily be done better. well, can it? >> let's be clear, the decision to set the date at 2017 was to get it up and running three years before allowing states to change the law. what does the early start mean to most of us? if you are home right now, how does this affect your coverage? >> there are two things. one is, there was an attempt to
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make this 2014 in the bill. they said it will cost a couple billion because they would game out. possibly, there's that part of it, too. if you are in indiana, a smart guy or louisiana with bobby jindal who did health care for many, many years and you think the affordable health care act is a bad deal, if it's true, your governor has the opportunity to go in a different direction. a couple states are. vermont is going to the left. they put a single payer system. it's a different way of doing it. they think they can beat the federal government. it's a good thing to have a policy challenge in this country. do it the best way we can do it. it's so much more difficult to do what we are trying to do that no governors can come up with a better plan than we should have an adult discussion of what is and what isn't wrong with it in
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the first place. >> this introduces that going forward. ezra, thanks. we appreciate it. >> thank you. everyone wants to know who is in and who is out for republicans when it comes to 2012. we thought it was starting to roll with newt gingrich but that apparently is on a temporary hold. the possible field has politico on pins and needles trying to find out what the campaigns are going to do and when they are going to start. david and liz are here. we put them on the left and right to make it easier to keep track watching at home. david, i'm going to start with you. everybody wants to hear who is hinting at an official run. i want to listen to mark on "morning joe" today. >> there is going to be an announcement tomorrow but it's not anybody you mentioned. >> who is that. >> come on mark. >> i'm going to tease you.
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>> you can't do that on national tv. >> yes i can and i am. >> you know what, i'm going to pose this to you liz. there may be a surprise or two. is it money or strategy? why it is taking the gop so long? >> i think it's a variety of things. the money concern is a real one. it's expensive to run for president. you have to spend a lot of time raising money. you may raise and spend up to a billion on this. it's a good reason to hold off on jumping on the game and paying for consultants and advertising and things that cost. that's a component of it. also, if you look at the names being mentioned here, there are personal and professional circumstances surrounding a number of them meaning they have to adjust their timing a little bit and push back. >> let's get into the names. david you can get into the
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conversation now. >> i think it's interesting to note a couple observations up front. first of all, when you have a really young rising star in the republican party like john thune who has a real shot saying no, i'm not going to go in this time. when you have a republican party that has surrounded a leader and now no one has a plurality, there's no sense of direction, those two things say even though the rhetoric is they want to attack obama, there's a recognition that president obama is likely to be reelected. i's going to be a tough fight for a republican. >> let's play out some of the scenarios. speaking of the 2012ers, john thune not in. mike huckabee, perhaps. his latest radio interview got a lot of headlines. take a listen to this from yesterday. >> don't you think we deserve to know more about this man?
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>> i would love to know more. what i know is troubling enough. one thing i do know is his having grown up in kenya, his view of the brits are different than the average american. his perspective growing up in kenya with a kenyan father and grandfath grandfather, their view is different than ours. he probably grew up hearing the british were a bunch of imperialists. >> if he says this is the one thing i know, he's in trouble. he grew up in indonesia. >> let me say this. i appeared on governor mike huckabee's show several times. it's unlike him to lie. he's a preacher. he's a man of the clothe. >> is this strategy, in your opinion? >> it's not in his nature to out and out lie, to say something he knows is not true. i think it's indicative of being in a republican primary. the center of the republican
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party moved so far to the right you have to say ridiculously absurd things like what he said to get the attention of your core voters. then assuming it yields a nominee, they have to appeal to the broad general american public. ain't gonna happen. the republican primary process is the worst thing for the republican party because you are not going to get a moderate, like a jon huntsman. you are going to get a radical. that's too bad. >> i'm going to leave the conversation there. liz, we'll get back to you. thanks to both of you. thank you. u.s. military officials are saying at least one, perhaps another u.s. service member were killed and two others in frankfurt germany. the reports indicating shots were fired on or near a bus carrying service members. the shooter is in custody.
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we'll keep you up to date on that situation developing. more accusations and fiery rhetoric from moammar gadhafi as american warships are spotted under the suez canal. they enter the canal from the red sea. it happened this morning. despite the american naval activity, gadhafi says he will not step down. he continues to say that. he's blaming al qaeda terrorists for his country's instability. at the same time, gadhafi says his military will fight to the last man as he struggles to keep his country out of control. they are getting attention from international prosecutors in the hague. they are opening an investigation of their own. stephanie gosk on the ground for us. stephanie, give us a better sense about this civil war. >> reporter: well, peter, we had a first today. that was that gadhafi forces for
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the first time since the opposition took control, they struck back and hit an oil facility west of here. there was a fire fight. the forces caught the rebel forces by surprise and took over an airstrip as well as an oil fa till si. they hit back and reclaimed some of that. there's been a back and forth battle between them that included according to some reports, a fighter jet dropping a bomb on a beach near the forces to scare them. there's activity in a nearby town that is where the western front is located. there, they have been trying to hit a depot and planes have been coming in trying to hit that and destroy it with limited success. there's ongoing fighting for the first time in this part of the country. >> stephenie gosk on the ground.
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we're back live on msnbc. just released important news from the food and drug administration. hundreds of prescription cold and cough medicine products will be removed from shelves across the country. they are unapproved and misbranded. robert is joining us now. 500 of these. it seems like a lot for the fda to have let on the shelves in the first place.
11:19 am
>> they were grandfathered in. most people get their cough and cold medicines over the counter. that issue, the fda dealt with it. cleaned it up. there shouldn't be cough and cold medicines for kids 2 and under. the prescription products, a lot of them are the same. they haven't had a look at them yet. now, they find a lot of them violate the principles they wanted to clean up. >> give us a sense. this is -- a lot of the names are not familiar. >> some would be. some have the same name as over the counter. do they know whether a time release capsule works? that's one thing. a lot of them have two or more an histamines. there's not much use of it. we asked whether the fda knew
11:20 am
how many were marketed and they didn't have a good sense of it. this was an aarea they haven't paid attention to. >> when you sit down, they say shoot, i have to go to my cub board and see if it doesn't belong there. >> if you bought it over the counter, you shouldn't have it. we are not talking antibiotics we are talking common cough, cold and allergy medicine. >> some for kids under the age of 2. >> yeah, some are labeled for under 2 and the fda is saying that shouldn't be happening except in certain circumstances. >> thanks. appreciate it. with more graduates looking to the public sector for jobs. >> 50 million americans smoke in the u.s. paying an average of $12 a pack.
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with unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. where you book matters. expedia. breaking news live right now on msnbc. you are looking at the floor of the u.s. senate where the american senators are voting on the continuing resolution that includes $4 billion in cuts. what it would do is kick the can down the road until march 18th to come to terms with a new budget. the hill passed this a short time ago. then it goes to president obama's desk. we'll keep you up to date on that. are you ready for football? with the season a half year away, there's little hope the settlement will be reached. the agreement expires friday. the owners maintain they will
11:25 am
lock players out until a deal is reached. nfl owners meet with commissioner roger gadell. new trouble for actor charlie sheen. overnight, police removed the twin boys from his ex-wife. brooke said they should not be with him and his two live-in girlfriends. >> sheen told jeff rossen he doesn't know where they were taken to. >> i assume they were going back to the house they have been living in with brooke when they are not be me. i think we have reports they were at a hotel in santa monica. at this moment, on live television, i do not know where my children are. i'm not panicking. it's about getting focused and very much in touch with what i have to do to complete the task
11:26 am
of bringing these two beautiful young men back to the home they deserve to be raised in. there's more love, compassion, support, child care and everything else you could want for a child in this lovely home. it's not a house, it's a home, right down the hill. >> there's a lot on his plate right now. as for his legal battle with cbs, nothing changed. he will come back to his sitcom when they agree to his pay raise. what you need to know about discrimination when looking for a job. we'll tell you about that. also, a mom decides she's a better mom by letting her ex-husband raise the kids. her personal story and heated reaction of her decision. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm.
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what can you do with plain mashed potatoes? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetable soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™ rely on e-trade. find investments with e-trade's top 5 lists. use pre-defined screeners. work smarter. not harder. depend on yourself to take charge of your financial future. e-trade. investing unleashed. back now live on msnbc. i'm peter alexander. as theout rage and protest continues, scott walker is
11:30 am
forging ahead with a two-year budget proposal that cuts $1.5 billion to aid in schools and local governments. democrats in the state legislature are hiding out and calling this devastating. they refuse to return until the governor backs down. mike taibbi is not backing down. where do things stand after governor walker's new remarks, his address? >> reporter: i have to tell you, supporters stand more so. yesterday, when i talked to the awol democratic senators they were telling me they were ready to come back, they knew they had to come back. this morning, they are saying the resolve is more than ever. they are going to stay out indefinitely on the other side of the illinois line and not come back until there's a signal by the governor. it's not going to happen anytime soon. they are going to stay on the
11:31 am
illinois side of the state line. i talked to a democratic senator this morning and he said about the proposal it was devastating. governor walker declared war on the unions, now on the people of wisconsin. his point is $1.5 billion they are talking about in cuts to state aid are going to force every city and school district to have massive layoffs unless they use what the government calls the flexibility of the budget relief bill, the rollbacks on benefits and collective bargaining rights to cut costs on a local level. how can you do that the school districts argue and are already starting to argue if the costs are going up, up and up. like the cost of fuel. a burden is placed on all the school districts and cities and towns. they can't raise property tax levels. the only tool to take on the unions. that's the important in the
11:32 am
governor's campaign for what he calls reform. the democrats don't buy it. they are saying on the other side of the illinois state line to insist they won't buy it anytime soon. >> the watching waits. thank you. >> absolutely. the class of 2011 will face a harsh reality on graduation day. not the news the young graduate is hoping for. there could be good news. a lot of new students are turning to non-profit groups and other public service opportunities. is this the beginning of change for graduates and lead to different priorities for this generation. ceo of the corporation for national and community service. patri patrick, thanks for your time. >> good to be here. >> you are witnessing it firsthand. what do you think is driving the new or renewed interest now.
11:33 am
>> i think there's a couple things. there has been a history of the past four presidents of this call for service at the national level. president bush with his call for life. president clinton and the second president bush with 9/11 asking americans to give back. president obama his campaign has been about national service. i think young people graduating today have experienced this call to service and are now answering in record numbers. >> let me pose this to you. it's easier to be idealistic and not worry about wages and you are young, not married. doung it's i'll do this until now until the higher paying jobs open up or a generation more interested many making a difference than making a dollar? will it last? >> i think it will last.
11:34 am
if you think about katrina, it's important to remember, this is a generation that grew up with 9/11 and with katrina. our experience with katrina is, i was in a conversation with governor barber of mississippi and governor jindal talking about folks who came to help with katrina are staying. they are committed to rebuilding new orleans and the gulf coast. they have stayed years beyond that. we are seeing it across the country. think about acarmericorps.. >> lets put the numbers up. the numbers show americorps trupp led from 2008 to 2010. are they mostly new graduates or folks who have been out of work because of the troubled economy? who are these people? >> two-thirds are between the
11:35 am
ages of 17 and 24. what we are seeing is a group of young people who want to give back. they want to make a difference in their community. they want to live lives that matter. we are seeing that in record numbers. if you look at organizations like teach for america, we see the high percentage of the folks who participate stay in the movement, stay in the experience well beyond their service. >> do you think, i guess the simple question is, when the economy rebounds and economy dives and wall street is offering a big salary, the young people will stick around? >> i think we'll see. we'll have to wait and see about that. i feel confident when i speak to young people. i see the experience they are having. how service is transforming them. a lot of folks are going to stick, make a difference and decide to live lives that matter. >> where do you think the growth areas are within the public service community? if i'm out of work, where do i
11:36 am
go? what is the first call you make? >> i think our website, find organizations to volunteer, figure out what they are good at, what they have a passion for and it can lead to employment. americorps. vista, those programs we run are great opportunities for folks and connect with nonprofits in your community. those are the places to turn to to find those experiences. >> thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. could your age mean the difference between getting hired or thrown back to the heap of would be employees? we are on the topic of jobs now. a report from the huffington report shows several of the biggest retailers require a date of birth or social security number if you are applying
11:37 am
online. information is used to ensure compliance related to the hiring of minors. employment discrimination employers are taking a closer look at this. the people believe they are unfairly targeted for their age in a slumping economy. carol is joining us live from washington, d.c. carol, i want to pose to you, what is your organization doing to make sure the job applicants are treated fairly? it's a frustration for an ageing population. >> it's a huge frustration for an ageing population. we have had the age discrimination in employment act in effect since 1967. my agency, the equal employment opportunity commission enforces that. the age diskripgs is based on 40
11:38 am
and above. it does not expressly say you can't ask age on an application. however, if an employer does that and then doesn't hire the person, it does perhaps look like there's a potential. >> let's put it in the hands of a an applicant watching us. if they are applying for a job, do they put down their date of birth and social security number? we are reading articles. what is if best solution for these people? >> i'll never say you should lie, obviously. in response to the huffington article some folks suggested if you don't want to put it down, you can put zeros in the spot. >> and say when you need a background check, i'll provide the information. >> exactly. >> what do they do to make sure they are treated fairly? what is your suggestion?
11:39 am
>> my suggestion is to highlight their strengths and experience. if they want to put down 000 on the application, do so. i think if enough people do that, employers will realize the age, in itself, isn't important at that stage. >> it's remarkable as you look at the figures. the numbers and percentage of age discrimination has grown noticeably, rising from 2006 by 21% of the eeoc filings. 20% were age related if i have the numbers correct. >> that's correct. >> this is for a population dealing with 9% unemployment and convinced discrimination is taking place. how do they tap their strengths versus what some are viewing as their weaknesses with a younger, cheaper work force available?
11:40 am
>> i think the strengths are they are more mature, more responsible. they have gathered more wisdom about working with people over the course of their work lives. they bring that to the workplace. i think offer a lot of responsibility to the employer. >> what is a red flag? if i'm applying now and see something, what should i look out for that is not okay? >> if -- well -- i mean i could give you some examples. we have heard of situations where people will physically walk into a place and apply and if they look of a certain age, the person for the company will say by the way, write your age down in the upper righthand corner. that does happen. that is obviously going to be a problem. i think people really, if they are concerned, they should use the zeros and emphasize their
11:41 am
successful experience. >> i appreciate your time. thanks for explaining that to us. >> of course. every restaurant on every sidewalk, cigarette smokers are finding fewer and fewer places to light up. the cigarette business is still booming. american tobacco growers have a desire to push a product used by a billion people. cigarette wars is a one-hour documentary airing on cnbc. this is cool. you traveled fror this hour. 50 million americans are still smoking. why this global battle over tobacco heating up. >> it's killing people. governments realize that. what else is building is the crime surrounding the sale of
11:42 am
illegal cigarettes. people scoff at it. you have 17 cent taxes in missouri, $4.35 in new york. they are shipping them up north. the united states loses $5 billion in taxes every year. they are trying to crack down on it. it's a simple crime. >> sean is a resident agent in charge of atf. >> in the southeast areas you can buy a carton of cigarettes for $30 and sell it in new york for $90. the profit margin is great er when you deal with drugs and guns on a regular basis. >> reporter: it's a crime where everyone can profit. the criminal, the store owner who gets a bigger profit margin. except for the taxpayer who loses out on $5 billion a year. this is not just a street gang.
11:43 am
there are connections with terrorist groups to raise money to do other crimes. >> i have more questions. i have to sit down and watch. thanks. you can get the whole story watching cigarette wars tonight at 9:00 eastern and pacific. the only place to see it is on cnbc. we are going to talk to a mom who opted out of full-time parenting and let her husband take the lead. my employees are like family, and i want people that work for me to feel that they're sharing in my success. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. how can the gold card help serve your business? booming is taking care of your business by taking care of your employees. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance?
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host: what, do you live under a rock? man: no way! man: hey rick check this out! anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save 15% or more on car insurance.
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back live now on msnbc. consider this dilemma, leave you are your children for a life other seas. for one woman, the shocking discovery helped her realize what it means to be a mom. she wrote a compelling essay for
11:47 am about how her life was affected by the experience and what happened next. nice to viz si with you. >> thank you very much for having me. >> in 2001, you made what had to have been a gut-retching experience. you decided to have a career in japan and leaving behind your children and husband. >> yes. >> your relationship didn't survive. >> at the time we were in agreement that i should go. this was my work and what i wanted to. i went to interview the survivors of the first atomic bomb. when i was there, september 11th happened. that with the separation we had broke along all the fault lines in our relationship. but, when i decided to have children, you know, as a young woman i never wanted to be a mother. i wouldn't say i don't want my
11:48 am
children but i didn't want to be a mother because motherhood to me was this thing, this good mother thing that kind of comes at you like a freight train. i didn't want to give up every single bit of my time and identity. >> the point you make is you can be a good mother without being a present mother. my husband is the one who wanted kids. i didn't have to live with them to be a good mother. a lot of moms are going to say that can't be a mom. your responsibility is to be at home packing sandwiches. >> exactly. it wasn't a complete surprise to me but you know, i got divorce. divorce is terrible for everyone. it's terrible for adults and for kids. you try to find the best way for your family. the best way was for my children's father to be their full-time father. he does the heavy lifting. they have a wonderful, happy
11:49 am
home. i get to be with them several times a week, three times a week, we do homework, we do cooking and make the homemade cookies together. they live within walking distance. it is a question like who is the one who should do the heavy lifting and why, if it's the man and not the woman, do we judge the woman? when i left, people said to me, how could you leave your children? it's where the essay came from. it's like i'm there. i'm there all the time. >> is there too much negativity associat associated? >> you viewed it as stifling. >> i think the most important thing, both the adults and the children are happy and they are loved, they are supported and get to do what they want. i think we should have a little bit of variety. the fact that we have this rigid
11:50 am
idea of good motherhood, i don't think it necessarily serves anybody. my idea was to get my own story out there. it's just a personal story. women said i struggled with who i am and i appreciate that. >> the mothering and the opposite is the tiger mom whose story you may be familiar with. you might be viewed as the opposite of that. i'm curious of the reaction. whatrehaaction has been since you published the book from men, moms and mothers? what have they said to you? >> well, it is an interesting conversation. there are people all over the map who say i would absolutely never do that and people who would totally walk away, too. i'm in the middle. moes of r most of us are in the middle, struggling. i have a lot of of women who have said to me, thank you. >> march is women's history month, and i'm curious about what you think as a mom perhaps in a different way than other moms. and your best advice to those
11:51 am
women watching right now? >> i just think that it is silly to say that love is at the heart of it, but i love my children, and we have a wonderful time together. i think that if you can find a way to give permission to yourself to do what you need to do to make that happen, and to make sure, you know, this is a good place for everyone, i think that we deserve that. >> rahna reiko, thank you for the article and coming forward to speak about it. >> thank you very much. thank you. what is making the flipside today? we will have that next on msnbc live. but with zyrtec® liquid gels, i get fast, 24-hour allergy relief. so i feel better by the time we tee off. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smart move. ♪
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back now live to msnbc, and let's take a turn to the flipside. the obama administration kicking off women's history month. a comprehensive report of women in the workplace. while there were strong gains in educational equality, female workers are still not getting equal pay across the board. so we wanted to take a look at the changing face of america's female worker. we start with rosie the riveter,
11:55 am
and you know her, the iconic world war ii image that personified thousands of assembly line workers who contributed to the war effort at home while the soldiers fought overseas. the cultural image of the modern woman was there in the '70ss. there is mary tyler moore about an unmarried career woman who finds success at a minneapolis tv station. i tried to remember where that was. minneapolis is it. and real life success of women in media. oprah winfrey, over 25 years, she has made a historic mark and inspired viewers across country. and businesswomen are branching out as well. meg whitman made millions as ceo of ebay and ran for governor of california, but still there are major female players. pepsi's ceo has been the most powerful businesswoman for five years controlling a company with a projected $60 billion in revenue last year alone.
11:56 am
that does it for me this hour. thomas rockberts is back here tomorrow hopefully feeling crummier than ever. and contessa brewer is next. >> i am getting back up on the podium. do you think that the businesswomen are setting the bar high for the rest of us? i mean, money aside and the accomplishment is unbelievable. peter, we have an unbelievable story coming up over islamz laslamic shouria la the debate over it. and the unveiling of the ipad 2. will it change our lives? world peace? end world hunger? i don't know. it might be cool though. not a cat in the free, but a dog in the refrigerator. you want to hear the story of owhy we are showing you a puppy
11:57 am
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